• Ace Cafe Proposal
  • Ace Cafe Proposal

Ace Cafe Proposal

5,000 SF

Norfolk, VA

The Ace Cafe serves as the staff cafeteria for a large government headquarters. The space is under utilized during the day and the finishes are dated and worn. Management had concerns regarding functionality and code compliance in the food preparation areas. The space is directly off of the main lobby, has expansive views of the Elizabeth River, and is a prominent space within the building. Arive proposed a renovation that would meet the owners desire for a space with a corporate aesthetic, allowing for large staff meetings, and correcting functional issues in the kitchen. Arive proposed renovating the existing cafeteria space and, in addition to the central dining area, creating two new small conference teaming rooms. These two conference rooms would assist in activating the space during non-dining hours, while also providing much needed meeting space for the facility. The design reconfigured the kitchen area to create better flow for food preparation and to eliminate direct views into the food prep and storage areas.